PwC Degree Apprenticeship with University of Birmingham: Our Questions Answered

Some of you may have heard that PwC, one of the world’s biggest professional services firms, is offering a new Technology degree apprenticeship in partnership with the University of Birmingham. The first intake of students will begin the degree apprenticeship in September 2018.

As this is a very new programme, there is not a lot information out there about the degree but UoB and PwC held a live Q&A in late September in which they answered some of our burning questions. By ‘our’ I mean other students who are looking at potentially applying to the course, like me! I have listed some of the questions and answers below, for the purposes of both my own future reference and as it may be of use to some of you who are also considering applying.

The entry requirements are AAA at A Level, with an A in Maths.

How is the course structured?

You are a full time UoB student during Autumn, Spring and Summer terms. You work at PwC during the summer holidays and for the entire year during Year 3. More information about the contents of the programme here.

What is the application process?

Apply via UCAS as normal. Your application will be screened by the University, and you will then be asked to complete a supplementary application form which will also be screened. If successful you will be invited to an assessment day, jointly ran by the University and PwC.

What difference is there in the content of this course to the content of BSc Computer Science?

You do 20 credits of Business Modules in First Year and you’ll take a 20 credit module in Year 4 which is specific to the Apprentice Degree on Technology and Business. There is also educational content gained from work experience at PwC.

Expected intake?

40 students

What will the work experience consist of?

You will work within the Technology teams at PwC. You will work with a wide variety of clients who PwC work with from the Birmingham office. Work will vary and could include things like cyber security, technology risk, data and analytics.

How similar is this to the Maths and Computer Science Course?

The Maths and CS degree is exactly 50% Maths and 50% Computer Science. The apprentice degree has more computer science and a small number of business modules (60 credits out of 360 in total).

Where will the placements take place?

Within the offices in Birmingham. However, you may need to attend another one of the PwC offices for a short space of time in some cases.

What does the assessment day entail?

The day will start around 10.45 pm and finish around 5 pm. You will have a tour of the campus, find out more about the university and lunch is provided. You will then have an interview and a group exercise.

Roughly how many hours a week are timetabled please during term time?

12 hours of lectures, 6-8 hours of tutorials and compulsory lab work in addition to self study time.

How many assessment days will be held and when?

Most likely 8 dates will be held, from end of Nov until end of March.

What sort of jobs would be offered after the degree?

You would be offered a graduate role within one of the Tech teams. Your two summer placements would allow you to gain exposure to the work done at PwC. Then for your third year placement, align to a team where your passion lies.

How many weeks each year and in the 3rd year are spent at PwC?

Your two summer placement would be for 10 weeks, your third placement would be for 12 months.


Candidates that are unsuccessful in the PwC assessment, but meet the standard academic criteria would be offered a place on UoB’s BSc CS degree. If you need any more information, click here.

Good luck if you do decide to apply! 🙂

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